Just who and what are the Three Berets?

October 16, 2007


*Luke Cavagnac – as the king of lowbrow art, Luke has become well known throughout the Pioneer Valley, (Massachusetts), and across the map for his madcap and zany artworks. From his showroom/studio in Easthampton, Luke makes paintings that cover the spectrum from abstract to more abstract, fantastic to super-fantastic and silly to supercilious, with a lust for color and humor on a grand scale! Luke believes anyone who wants one of his paintings should buy one – don’t you? He has painted literally thousands of paintings and intends to complete at least one or more artworks each day of the rest of his life. See Lukes’ art at – www.invisiblefountain.com and www.claudiamalibu.com

*Gary Hallgren –started drawing tanker trucks at the age of three, progressed to airplanes by grade school and was making up his own cartoons shortly thereafter. Today, Gary’s cartoons grace the pages of some of the preeminent publications in the country including; The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Week and New York magazine. He has also illustrated the best selling books, “YOU The Owner’s Manual”, “YOU The Smart Patient” and “YOU on a Diet.” Gary is also famous for his contributions to many underground comics such as Mad Magazine, Marvel Comics, High Times, The Air Pirates Funnies, and Screw magazine.

See Gary’s work at – www.artistsatopensquare.com

*Unique Fredrique – creates a new world of bizarre characters, surreal landscapes and political satires that must be seen to be believed! “Unique”, as he is known in the art world, works in the seclusion of his very private studio in the South of Holyoke (Massachusetts) as he rarely ventures out to eat or socialize – he just makes his own brand of art in his own way. Some of his most famous works include, “Flame Throwing Trout”, “A Day at the Beach with Burning Oil Slick” and “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” Unique’s art works can be seen at www.uniquefredrique.etsy.com

The Three Berets art show opened on Saturday, September 22 at the historic Open Square mill complex in downtown Holyoke, Massachusetts with throngs of people in attendance. And yes, it’s true that the popularity of the Three Berets is almost more than these legendary characters can bear! Countless pictures were snapped of the Three Berets, countless hands waved at them and countless alluring, moist lips smiled in their direction hoping for just a glance of recognition. Who among the thousands might have guessed that inside these three stylish hats were all the elements of artistic genius at the very height of their creative prowess!

This exhibition will be on display from September 22 to November 18, 2007.

Viewing hours for this exhibition are Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm or at other times by appointment. For directions to Open Square go to http://www.opensquare.com

or Mapquest – 4 Open Square Way, Holyoke, MA 01040


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  1. So this is a blog, eh? I used to think it was wet firewood, y’know, a cross between “bog” and “log”…hey, next week I’ll put up some unpublished comix …The Little Space Grilz or Name That Tunesmith or maybe Nan-Tze. No, you’re not ready for Nan-Tze.

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